Where to Find the Best Dosa in Las Vegas

You are spoiled for choice on the Las Vegas strip, so why not also have over 30 types of dosas to choose from?

When we took our Culinary trip to India, we discovered something interesting: dosa styles mutate from place to place. 

For the uninitiated, dosa is a savory crepe, a staple in South Indian kitchens.

South Indian food consists of foods from the regions that make up the Southern part of India, namely Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Chennai.

south indian regional food

Now all these states that make up the southern part of India have their distinct styles of making dosas. For instance, dosas are crispy in Tamil Nadu, but softer in Kerala. Mysore dosas originate from Mysore city in Karnataka state, and a Mysore dosa is crispy on the outside and softer inside. It is smeared with a spicy chili garlic paste. The perfect filling of coarsely-mashed potatoes and onions (palya) is added to the Mysore Masala dosa along with the fiery paste. 

masala dosa in las vegas
Masala Dosa

Street Style Vegan Dosas

When we traveled to Mumbai, we also came across unique, street-style dosas, like the Gini Dosa, as well as many fusion dosas, like the Pizza Dosa, where you add a bunch of toppings just like you do on a pizza crust. In this case, you add the toppings on a fermented batter of rice and lentils to create a perfect gluten-free, vegan pizza-style dosa. 

Gluten-free Pizza Dosa with a topping of veggies, cheese, and olives
gini dosa las vegas
Street-style Vegan Gini Dosa in Las Vegas

Another street-style dosa favorite is the Spring Dosa. Inspired by the fried spring rolls from Indo-Chinese or Hakka cuisine, a Spring Dosa is a delicious way of getting your daily intake of vegetables. It is very popular with our vegan diners, but you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this delightful fusion dosa. The Gonghura Dosa is another vegan favorite. It is a spicier dosa and is stuffed with a spicy, plant-based paste.

spring dosa in las vegas
Spring Dosa – Indo-Chinese fusion Dosa

In October 2019, we went on a bespoke Culinary Tour Of India with the goal to bring a variety of authentic dosa styles to Las Vegas, so tourists and locals have access to a broader array of dosas in our city. These fusion-food mash-ups make things exciting, both in the kitchen and the restaurant floor. They also add to the already massive variety of traditional dosas.

Dosa batter is made by grinding a paste of fermented rice and lentil, making these savory crepes 100% vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low calorie, and packed with protein.

dosa batter
Dosa batter

Dosa Fillings Go Beyond the Traditional Choices

The most popular type of dosa stuffing is the onion-potato mix (palya), but a dosa can hold your choice of filling, which includes paneer (Paneer Dosa), as well as Minced Lamb Dosa or Chicken Dosa. Yes, we offer more creative options to satisfy various dietary needs as well as taste buds.

Dosa fillings tailor-made for you

Going back to the more regional and traditional varieties of dosas, here’s a healthy one that is also delicious: the Pesarattu dosa. Made with fermented rice and green Moong dal lentil, the Pesarattu Dosa is packed with protein and is both vegan and gluten-free. Low in calories but high in carbs and protein, vegan, and entirely gluten-free, the Pesarattu dosa is perfect for those looking for healthy, delicious, and flavorful options on the Las Vegas strip. The Podi Dosa is popular with those who like to keep things spicy. It is filled with a dry spice rub made with gun powder and a generous helping of ghee or clarified butter.

The versatility of a dosa makes it a perfect meal or snack when sightseeing. 

Dosa can be a meal or even a quick snack break when you are exploring the Las Vegas strip on foot. 

Stuffing a dosa with a potato mix makes it easier and faster to serve a dosa. It is a delightful way to fuel yourself when sightseeing on the Las Vegas strip. 

One of our most popular plain dosas is Paper Dosa. As the name suggests, Paper Dosa is thin and crisp – a lighter version of the traditional dosa.

Dosa as a complete meal.

No matter what style you prepare this versatile dish in, it pairs beautifully with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Sambhar is a spicy lentil soup (we tailor the spice level to your tolerance), in which you can dip (or douse) your dosa. Coconut chutney is a coarsely ground paste of coconut and tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and spices.  We also serve podi (dry spice mix) and red chutney.

We encourage you to try as many types of dosas as you can from our huge dosa menu. We serve over 30 varieties, including the Divine 4-foot Dosa, which is perfect for sharing family-style in big groups. We also serve North Indian food, curries, kebabs, and Indo-Chinese fusion food. Our Biryani is made using the authentic dum style of cooking.

At Mint Indian Bistro‘s west side location, dosas are made to order as part of their Lunch Buffet. You can get a Plain Butter Dosa or Masala Dosa. But if you are looking beyond the typical dosa, you will need to make a trip to Divine Dosa & Biryani.

What is your favorite type of dosa? We would love to hear from you!

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