Best Indian food Catering in Las Vegas

Looking for the best Indian food in Las Vegas for your next event?

We’ve got what it takes to provide you with an unforgettable event experience for you and your guests! 

Planning a party? Let us bring bold, authentic, certified Indian flavors to your home, office, or banquet event. Our dishes are steeped in tradition, with authentic ingredients and styles of cooking.

We represent authentic Indian food right from the stove to your plate. This means we present it to you with an authentic, traditional flair. Make your guests feel extra special with live dosa stations, where our chef will churn out made-to-order dosas for them. Or delight your guests with our Dum Biryani cooked and served in a gigantic handi or heavy-bottomed pan, just the way it should be served. 

We stick with high-quality ingredients to craft delicious dishes and adhere to the highest standards of food and service. Let us make your next event memorable. At Divine Dosa & Biryani, you will be collaborating with your catering manager to design an event your guests will remember for years to come. 

We offer both on-site and off-site catering in Las Vegas. From boxed lunches to elaborate weddings, (and everything in between), we do it all. 



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