Authentic indian REstaurant on the Las Vegas strip

We are an authentic Indian restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. 

At Divine Dosa & Biryani, we serve authentic Indian food on the Las Vegas strip. 

We took our chef on a Certified Indian – Culinary Tour of India to bring back authentic, traditional recipes and methods of cooking to Las Vegas. We are the only Indian restaurant in Las Vegas that serves 30+ types of dosas and authentic South Indian food. We are home of the Divine 4-FT dosas.

At the heart of our menu, we have South Indian foods like, Dosas (savory, Indian crepes) and Hyderabadi Dum Biryani ( a rice and meat/ veggie dish). We also serve many North Indian foods, including curries, kebab and many types of Naan.

Finally an authentic Indian restaurant on the Las Vegas strip, specializing in Dosas and Biryanis, which are a part of South Indian cuisine, and also offering delicious and authentic North Indian food, curries, kebabs and fresh hot Naans. Besides Dosas and Biryanis, some of our popular South Indian foods are Chicken65, Idli65 and Chettinad curry. Some of our popular North Indian foods include dishes like Butter Chicken, black dal, Tandoori Chicken, and Seekh kebabs. 

Dosa with sambhar and chutney

Dosas are a popular South Indian dish. Our mission is to bring authentic, Certified Indian food to Las Vegas, so we decided to not only serve one type of dosa but several varieties of the dish. From fillings to the batter to how the Dosa is folded and shaped, you will find many varieties of delicious traditional and street-style dosas on our menu. We are also the home of the DIVINE 4-FT Dosa.

Our Dosas are served with unlimited Sambhar (spicy lentil soup) and coconut chutney.


We have brought not only traditional recipes but also the methods and tools used to craft the most aromatic and delicious Dum Biryani, originating from the city of Hyderabad.


North Indian and South Indian Curry

Curry (North Indian and South Indian curries)

Curry is a food of occult India. Have you ever stuck your face over a simmering pot to breathe in the complex, scented steam?

Curry is all about a combination of spices, a wonderful interplay of a variety of complex flavors that gives Indian food its place on the food map.

At Dosa & Biryani, we serve some of the popular curries as well as others originating from South India, with a slightly different flavor profile. These curries have a distinct flavor with liberal use of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and (sometimes) coconut.

 We serve many North Indian and Mughlai dishes as well as popular South Indian curries.

Seekh Kebabs


We serve a variety of halal, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free kebabs. These are marinated in spices and our special masala kit, skewered and cooked in a tandoor or clay oven and perfectly charred for that delicious, juicy, smokey taste. Popular North Indian kebabs include Tandoori Chicken and Seekh kebabs. 

Garlic Naan


One of our most loved menu items is the Naan, a delicious Indian bread that is baked to perfection in a tandoor oven. Biting into the smokiness of our naan and dipping it into one of our many delicious curries is delightfully comforting. We pride ourselves in serving the most delicious naans that are served hot straight from our tandoor to your table. We serve plain, butter and our bestselling Garlic Naan. We also serve a unique Naan Makhani dish — typically garlic naan served with our rich, buttery Makhani sauce. 

Inferno Menu - Spiciest food in Las Vegas

Inferno Menu

At Divine Dosa & Biryani, you can ask your server to adjust the spice level to match your spice tolerance. But for those who like their food extra hot, we have a special Inferno Menu. 

We first introduced the Inferno menu at Mint Indian Bistro and later complemented it with the Inferno Curry Challenge. For the challenge, you need to sign a waiver! Yes, the challenge is not for the faint-at-heart (or gut). It is mostly for thrill-seekers.

But the Inferno Menu is for those who like their food very hot and is nowhere near the level of heat we have in our Inferno Curry Challenge.

We have added the Inferno Menu to Divine Dosa & Biryani.

So if you’re ready to turn up the temperature, the Inferno Menu is for you. It will set your tastebuds on fire – in a good way. 

Why Certified Indian?

By Certified Indian, we mean certified authentic Indian cuisine. But what does authentic mean?

The word authentic is used to describe an object that is real and genuine, not false or a replica. Authentic food is food (or drink) that exactly meets its description and also meets a person’s objective notion of the way it tastes. 

Indian cuisine has been heavily influenced by many centuries of Mughal rule, which has brought dishes like Roghan Josh, kebabs, and samosas, amongst others, to the Indian food culture. There have been other cultural influences, and over the years, many of these foods have come to be known as Indian food. 

So when we talk about authentic Indian food, we mean food that uses traditional recipes, ingredients, complex spice mixes (not “curry powder” — the yellow haze of spices to jazz up a meal), and is cooked using traditional methods and tools. Not only that, for us, authentic food is also served as it is conventionally served in its place of origin.  

Our dum biryani is a great example. We serve dum biryani, a rice dish that originates from the city of Hyderabad, India. Rice is slow-cooked with meat (or veggies) in a special marinade of yogurt and a bunch of freshly ground whole spices. There is an extensive process involved – that of alternately layering the rice, meat, and fried onions in a heavy-bottomed handi. The pot is then sealed with dough and served into plates or smaller serving bowls in a precise manner so as not to disturb the meticulous layering.

The dough seals in the flavors  and gives us perfectly cooked long-grain basmati rice and a widely popular, aromatic dish. The onions are fried, and that’s another process altogether. 

We imported the gigantic handis from India, and we cook our dum biryani in these handis. We serve it with unlimited sides of salan and raita or spiced yogurt, which is how biryani should be served. We keep it authentic from the kitchen to your plate.

In a nutshell, preparing authentic Indian food is labor-intensive. It typically involves making a dish with many ingredients and processes and cooking the food for an extended period. In the end, you have a dish that makes it all worthwhile. That to us is certified authentic Indian food at its best. 

A lot of work and love go into an authentic Indian meal. 

While we serve some fusion dishes, we keep things as authentic as we can when it comes to our core, traditional dishes. 

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Divine Dosa
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 by Geetika
The most authentic Indian restaurant in the country

I tried a few dishes at Divine Dosa & Biryani and was absolutely delighted. The chicken dum biryani is aromatic and full of flavor. The long-grain rice is cooked to perfection and they also give unlimited salan and raita with it, which is awesome. On another occasion, I tried the vegetarian biryani and was super impressed as it had a lot more flavor and taste than I had expected. The butter dosa is yum but my favorite is the Gonghura dosa - a bit more spicy and flavorful. The sambhar and chutney were on point. The Chicken 65 and Idli 65 starter, as well as the Jini dosa, is to die for. I'll be back to try more types of dosa as they have over 30 on the menu.