A searing passion for authentic Indian food is the driving force behind Divine Dosa & Biryani – Certified Indian.

Husband-wife duo, Kris and Bindi Parikh have taken their passion for introducing Las Vegas to newer, regional cuisines a step further with their latest offering Divine Dosa & Biryani. In the past, they have brought successful concepts like Mint Indian Bistro and Rotifix to the Las Vegas valley.

Kris and Bindi picked the world-famous Las Vegas strip as the location for Divine Dosa & Biryani so that they can serve both visitors and locals. Located near the Wynn Encore Hotel & Casino (across the street from the new Resorts World project) and within walking distance from the Las Vegas Convention Center, Divine Dosa & Biryani is the perfect place to experience regional, North and South Indian cuisine in its most authentic style.

Authentic cuisine doesn’t happen overnight. It is for this reason that Kris flew his chef to Hyderabad to immerse him in the real, local flavors of this historic city with an exceptional culinary past. They scanned local markets browsing through regional produce, spices, and other condiments.

During this time, Chef Lok was enrolled in classes so he could learn the real techniques, hidden recipes, and obscure styles of cooking traditional Indian food. He worked with home cooks to discover South Indian homestyle curries and various indigenous methods of cooking.

While on this bespoke Certified Indian – Culinary Tour of India, Chef Lok immersed himself in the culture and the food of North and South India, only to return with a repository of unique North and South Indian recipes, mostly unknown to the Western world. He also traveled to Mumbai and trained with the best of best to master many types of kabobs, curries and Indo Chinese fusion food.

As the name suggests, Divine Dosa & Biryani serves authentic South Indian food, with a special focus on Dosas and Biryanis.

The menu consists of many firsts, such as the four-foot-long dosa, paper dosas, and many unusual fillings, and types of batter. At Divine Dosa and Biryani, you will also find curries, kebabs and Indo Chinese/Hakka cuisine.

Visitors on the strip will now have a place that takes care of all their dietary needs. Divine Dosa & Biryani caters to all dietary needs, including, halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Jain food.

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We are an authentic India restaurant on Las Vegas strip specializing in South Indian dishes like Dosa and Biryani. We also serve curries, kebabs and Indo Chinese food.

South Indian food consists of foods from the regions that make up the Southern part of India, namely Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai.