New Indian Restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip Divine Dosa & Biryani Serves Enormous Four-Foot Dosa

Las Vegas, NV – A brand new Indian restaurant on the Las Vegas strip has become the first restaurant in Las Vegas to offer a four-foot dosa, as part of its regular menu.

Located on the Las Vegas strip, near the Wynn Casino and walking distance from the Las VegasConvention Center, Divine Dosa & Biryani has brought many unique dishes to the Las Vegas valley.

Divine Dosa & Biryani is a certified Indian restaurant serving authentic South Indian dishes and flavors, in addition to North Indian curries, kebabs, and Indo-Chinese food. The chef at the restaurant took a culinary tour of India in October last year to get inspiration and truly authentic recipes and house-made masalas and spices.

They also crafted a unique menu are drawing diners in with a unique menu and their epic four-foot dosa.

This dosa spans the length of the table and is served with chutneys and sambhar – a spicy, tangy lentil curry.

“The four-foot dosa was born out of an inside contest for the chefs after they took the culinary trip to India,” owner Kris Parikh said. “It was not easy, and after a few failed attempts, we came up with a perfectly cooked four-foot dosa. The challenge was not only making the dosa but also bringing it to the table in one-piece, so it was a team effort between the chefs and the servers. We had a lot of fun with it. And then we had to get a custom platter to serve the dosa in.”

Kris Parikh, owner, Divine Dosa & Biryani

With Divine Dosa & Biryani, Kris wanted to bring new, unique, and innovative dishes to Las Vegas, made with freshly ground spices and authentic ingredients.

Home of the Divine 4-FT Dosa

“We not only wanted our diners to be able to taste the real flavors of India but also experience the authentic way in which they are served, “ Kris said. “As an example, our dosas are served with unlimited chutneys and sambhar, and our Biryani is cooked and served from a handi (heavybottomed pan) along with unlimited Salan (vegetable side dish) and Raita (spiced yogurt).”

Diners can order the four-foot dosa on the regular menu, along with over 30 other varieties of dosa.

About Divine Dosa & Biryani

Divine Dosa & Biryani is a Certified Indian restaurant and bar located on the world-famous Las Vegas strip, and minutes from the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the core of its menu, are dosas and dum biryani from South India. It also serves North Indian food like curries, kebabs, and Indo-Chinese fusion food.

Divine Dosa & Biryani is the only restaurant in Las Vegas that serves 4-foot dosas, as well as over 30 types of dosas. The menu caters to all dietary needs, including halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Jain food. For more information, go to

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