Authentic Biryani In Las Vegas

You will now find authentic biryani in Las Vegas. We are located on the Las Vegas strip and specialize in Dum Biryani. 

We serve the most aromatic and delicious Dum Biryani, originating from the city of Hyderabad. 

Most people favor Hyderabadi Biryani over other styles of biryani 


Because of the method of cooking and layering of rice, meat/ veggies, and spices, as well as the mild but sophisticated flavors. 

As we made our way through our Certified Indian – Culinary Tour of India, with the Biryani Brothers from Borivali Biryani Center, Mumbai, our days played out as a sequence of meals. In Hyderabad, Biryani monopolized our meals. 

We tried many authentic Biryani places using age-old methods and an aromatic mix of flavors and spices.

With the tools, techniques, family secrets and loads of inspiration, we brought the most authentic Handi Biryani to the unlikeliest of places – the Las Vegas strip. 

We cook and serve our Biryani the authentic way and now you can enjoy Certified authentic Indian Biryani right here in Las Vegas. 

Our Biryani is fit for kings and transports you to another era in India. We have carefully learned and preserved the exact method of cooking this delectable rice dish. 

Marinated meat (or veggies) are slow-cooked in a complex spice-mix and long-grain basmati rice in a large, heavy-bottomed handi (pot), and sealed with dough to keep the flavors intact. Fried onions are a key ingredient in our biryani and they have to be fried carefully to perfection. 

On our menu, you will find Chicken Biryani, Lamb Biryani, Goat Biryani, and Vegetable Biryani. We also serve Vegan Biryani. Our Biryani comes with unlimited Mirchi Ka Salan (a vegetable side dish) and Raita (spiced yogurt). 

Serving the most aromatic biryani in Las Vegas. 

Authentic Dum Biryani In Las Vegas - located on the Las Vegas strip
Authentic Dum Biryani in Las Vegas
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